i can program a macintosh


Bones Updated to 1.0.1 - Now a Universal Binary You can grab it from VersionTracker, MacUpdate, Apple's software download pages, or right here. Feature-wise there is nothing changed. The manual has had a tweak here and there, mostly to reflect new email and website addresses. Otherwise the big feature for this point release is the Universal Binary compile.

Visit Bones' main homepage to grab it!


jun 12

Development Site Update At long last I now have an official repository for my development projects. Filewrangler, Bones, and the in-the-works ArtPixelator now have official download pages devoted to them.

I have also recently stepped a cautious toe into the freelance OS X development waters. I must thank my first client, Edward Lipsett at Intercom, Ltd. for giving a guy a chance.

Do you have a project you'd like me to help you with? Drop me a line!


Cocoa and Applescript Development

I've been an avid computer user since my TRS-80 Model I, and have dabbled in programming it, the TRS-80 Model III, the Amiga 1000, and the Mac IIVX. However, for whatever reason I never "got" programming and found myself gravitating toward art and graphic design, or just distracted by Infocom games.

I studied graphic design and journalism in college and pursued that career for a number of years until I wound up working at Macy's West as the Macintosh network manager for their advertising department. While there the beauty and utility of code finally clicked and I've pursued it avidly ever since.

As a creative professional who turned to code, this gives me a unique vantage point into both worlds. The software I develop tries to bridge art and code whenever possible, bringing new tools to creative professionals, automating creative workflows, or just creating tools that make relatively technical processes accessible to the non-technically inclined.

I develop in Objective-C using Apple's Cocoa (and other) frameworks, in Applescript (for cross-application workflow solutions), via the UNIX command line, or a mix of the three. My recent studies and general interest in the intersection of art and programming have drawn me into the more C-like Quartz and OpenGL for graphics processing. I am quickly learning how steep these mountains are to climb.

While most of my programming work has been for private, corporate use, I do have two well-received freeware programs: Filewrangler and Bones. My next project, ArtPixelator, is underway. My software comes with robust documentation in PDF form. I believe you'll find the included documentation well-organized, well-written, and thorough in its description of my product features. Perhaps after reading through the documentation I provide in my software you'll find I am a good fit to assist you with your own project's documentation.

My programming skills are also for hire. I developer for OS X exclusively, and am well-versed in creative workflow automation. Just let me know what you need assistance with and I'll be happy to help!